Central London is a stunning holiday destination all year round. With its vibrant culture, history, and blissful nightlife, there is truly something for everyone. And that lies true of accommodation as well. When planning a holiday, there are two main accommodation choices- hotel or holiday apartment in London. Hotels are great if you want someone attending to your needs, but holiday rentals offer a more chilled and personalized experience. With a holiday apartment in London central, you can enjoy the entire space to yourselves, perhaps pick one with a private pool, hot tub, and BBQ area and not share it with anyone. The fact that renting a holiday apartment offers far more benefits than staying in a hotel with similar or cheaper pricing; the latter is at an even greater disadvantage. 

Your trip into a whole other level of an unforgettable experience with the suitable holiday apartment in London. For all those confused souls out there, we’ve put together some of the most brainstormed and relatable reasons as to why you must look at Holiday apartments in central London than hotels. 

Reason #1: Better Costs 

As mentioned before, when heading to central London, a luxurious holiday apartment rental can end up being a lot cheaper than a hotel and much expansive and nicer. It becomes an advantage if you’re traveling in a group of family or friends as you can split the cost between everyone rather than paying individually for each hotel room. Additionally, in a holiday apartment in London, you can create your food and drinks, drastically bringing down the total accommodation costs. And if you’re renting a car, then you don’t even have to pay for parking, which hotels often charge for. 

Reason #2: Larger space all to yourself 

An average hotel room is somewhere around 350-400 feet, but with a holiday rental, you get the luxury of accessing the whole place rather than being confined to a bedroom. Depending on the number of travelers, you can look for 2,3,4 rooms holiday apartment with added benefits of a private pool, own kitchen, luxurious bathrooms, etc. 

Reason #3: More freedom to do whatever you want

The best part of a holiday apartment in London central is that there are no restrictions. Unlike a hotel that can serve you drinks up to a specific time, meals at certain hours, and pools closing at a particular time, in a holiday apartment, you get to make the rules. Moreover, with a holiday home, you are likely to head out often, experience, and explore the local cuisine. 

Reason #4: They make you feel at ease and at home 

Undoubtedly, a hotel attends to all your needs and desires, but most often, it can’t make you feel at home. On the contrary, holiday homes are much better at encapsulating that cozy vibes with comfortable furniture, pieces of art, fabulous bedrooms, allowing you to relax and enjoy truly. When traveling in a group, the entire vacation becomes a rave, with everyone enjoying plenty of space to relax together. 

Dreamy holiday apartments for a dreamy vacation.

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