A frequent question I get asked for people that are in the city is the decision between a hotel or serviced apartment. It could rely on how long you intend on staying and the time around you are looking to book, When it comes down to family holidays, then serviced apartments are a perfect choice. However, the ease of a hotel is there but a serviced Airbnb apartment is the best of both worlds.

Value For Money

Average rates on serviced apartments tend to be cheaper than a similar hotel room. Depending on the length of your stay, Airbnb apartments can also be cheaper, which is a very good option if you are in London for a business trip or if you are looking for holiday accommodation for a long period of time. A one-bedroom apartment will be far more spacious than a hotel room, and you will have more space for your belongings and won’t feel homesick staring at the same 4 walls of a hotel room.

Cutting Down On Hidden Costs

Hotels do tend to advertise free Wi-Fi, even though it is very poor quality or restricted, however, most of our serviced apartments come with fully working free WI-FI, you may even find that you are saving money on washing, as hotel charges are very expensive when it comes to washing your clothes. Some of our premium serviced apartments come with washing machines, so you don’t need to worry about extra washing costs!

Kitchen And Cooking Facilities

In a hotel room, you have little choice but to eat either in the hotel restaurant or surrounding restaurants and cafes which can work out to be very costly to your wallet and your waistline!  The benefit of having your own fully equipped kitchen in our serviced apartments is that you’re free to cater for yourself as and when you like.  All crockery, cutlery and tableware are included in the apartment so even if you do decide to order in everything you need is on hand.

When it comes to eating and dining there is not much choice in a hotel other than the hotel restaurant and the surrounding cafes, restaurants and food spots, now it is an understatement that these will be all very costly, and bottom line not good for your health or your bank account! Whereas in a serviced apartment they come equipped with kitchens, and this is great so you won’t need to be needing to be eating out constantly and especially perfect if you are staying in a serviced apartment with family or friends.


One of the most overlooked advantages of choosing a serviced apartment is the privacy. You can rest and put your feet up knowing that you have the whole apartment to yourself, Staying in a serviced apartment will have you feeling like you are at home, as you can leave and enter as you please.

Next time you are planning your next trip to London, for vacation/holiday reasons or business reasons, Here at ARCORE LONDON we offer a wide range of different apartments ranging in rooms and different areas in the heart of London.

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